Wedding days are wonderful celebrations. Tons of energy, time and money go into them. Once the wedding day is over, then the day-to-day reality of working out the relationship takes over. Sometimes the romance can fade out of the marriage relationship as responsibilities, mortgages, children and more take their toll on a couple.

My philosophy is to go into a marriage with eyes wide open to the realities that will face a couple and give tools to help make marriage work great and keep romance alive.

I offer one pre-marital counseling session included in the cost of your wedding, but maybe you'd like to explore some other areas of marriage in further depth, like your differing personalities, expectations, children and parenting styles, money issues, gender roles, conflict resolution, what you're bringing from your family background, and more. Sessions include some personality and compatability tests from proven marriage sources.

If you're interested in this, I would be happy to meet with you any number of times (after the first session) for a fee of $60 per session.

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