I would love to help you pull off a wedding day that's fun, meaningful and reflects YOU as a couple.

For over 32 years, I've officiated weddings that couples have come away saying,

“It’s exactly what we wanted.”
“You made everything understandable.”
“Your words reflected the fact that you took some time to get to know us as a couple.”

I'll help you with all the details of the wedding ceremony itself, the rehearsal and any other matters needed so that you can simply enjoy the most important day of your life...YOUR Wedding Day!

"Mike and I just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary and wanted to reach out to say we are thinking of you...and thanking you from afar, for marrying us and being our coach and cheerleader this whole time. You have made a hugely positive impact on our lives, and we want you to know that we appreciate you so much."
- Kristen

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